Volunteers allow teachers and staff to focus on helping children learn and grow by assisting with special events and routine tasks. Due to the invaluable service of our volunteers, we are able to offer children and families more services.

If you are interested in volunteering in our school district, we encourage you to contact the school of your choice to see what opportunities are currently available.

Find the directory of schools here.

A cleared background check is required for all volunteers in the Cascade School District before they are allowed to volunteer in any capacity. After submitting your background check application through the link provided below, please allow two weeks for email notification that your application has been approved. Background checks are valid for two years from the date of clearance; you will receive email notification when your clearance is due to expire.

Volunteer Application and Background Check
PLEASE NOTE: The application is not tablet or mobile device friendly. For best results, please complete on a desktop or laptop computer.

*District employees who plan to volunteer outside of regular duties must also complete an application. 

Parent Organizations
Cascade's elementary schools have active parent organizations that rely on volunteers to carry out their mission of supporting students and staff.  Volunteers assist with community-building activities such as back-to-school nights, school carnivals, movie nights and book fairs; coordinating staff appreciation activities; and organizing and promoting school fundraisers. Contact the school office to get connected.

Activities and Athletics
Volunteers make important contributions to district activities and athletic teams.

In addition to the required background check, coaches must have a current First Aid and CPR card on file. Please contact Greg Nolan at Cascade Junior High or Robin VanAgtamael at Cascade High School for information on completing certification.  Coaches may also be required to complete additional training determined by the athletic director. The school’s athletic director or athletic secretary will inform you if you must complete additional training.