Community Input

thought bubbles that read "help make Cascade Schools better!"

This year, we really want to hear from our entire Cascade community (students, families, staff, and residents) about our schools. What do you love? How can we make it better?

These anonymous ThoughtExchange questions let you share your thoughts and rate the thoughts of others on a scale of 1 to 5. If someone says something you really agree with, rate it with a 5! If you see something that you don't find as helpful, give it a 1. 

We'll post the monthly link to give your input here, and then we'll add links with the results so you can see everything that comes in!


November's Question (click the question to give your thoughts):

What are your biggest concerns about how future changes to our community will affect our schools?


Results from October's Question:

What makes you proud of our Cascade schools? What improvements could make our schools even better?

Click this link
to explore all the answers for yourself. The themes section is particularly helpful. You can click on the themes, and see all of the individual thoughts that were shared in that theme