Follow up from weekend event

Follow up from Weekend Event—Mar. 7, 2023
Posted on 03/07/2023
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Dear Cascade Community,

I want to follow up after the threat incident over the weekend so that students, families, and staff know the procedures we follow at Cascade. While we cannot speak about disciplinary actions for specific students, we want you to be assured that we have detailed procedures in place to deal with all manner of safety issues.

When there is a threat, we follow a defined threat assessment procedure which has different levels of severity. These procedures direct us to work with law enforcement, mental health experts, and the Willamette Educational Service District. Law enforcement investigates thoroughly, interviewing people who may have information, are persons of interest, or who may be at risk. If there are any threats to specific students or staff, the school district or law enforcement will directly contact staff or the families of any students involved.

Potential results of a threat assessment are a return to school, suspension, expulsion, or placement in a different educational setting. Any person going through a threat assessment will not be allowed to attend school or any school activities until the entire process is completed, is determined that it is safe, and there is a specific safety plan in place. 

We know incidents like the one over the past weekend raise concerns for all of us. We want everyone to be aware of how seriously we take these events, the protocols we follow, and the outside expert help we receive.


Darin Drill, Superintendent

Cascade School District