Water Quality

All Cascade schools have been tested for lead in the water and are in compliance with EPA standards. The district has worked diligently to deal with any faucets or drinking fountains that had elevated levels of lead. The locations have either been replaced, discontinued, or posted with non potable water signs.

Below are the results of the water tests performed. As always, the Cascade School District wishes to keep our students, staff and community as safe as possible.

Water Testing

Cascade School District is required by the Oregon Health Authority Drinking Water Program to test Cloverdale, Marion, Cascade Junior High, Cascade High School, and the Cascade Opportunity Center every three years for lead and copper. The district is required to provide 10 samples from these schools. 

Oregon Drinking Water Services

Cloverdale https://yourwater.oregon.gov/inventory.php?pwsno=93752

Jr/Sr High https://yourwater.oregon.gov/inventory.php?pwsno=94593

Opportunity Center https://yourwater.oregon.gov/inventory.php?pwsno=90577

Aumsville Elementary and Turner Elementary are on city water which is tested by the city. 

City of Aumsville https://yourwater.oregon.gov/inventory.php?pwsno=00065

City of Turner https://yourwater.oregon.gov/inventory.php?pwsno=00907

Lead Testing

Cascade has decided to go one step further. Water testing for lead has been performed on all sites that might be used for drinking water. The district has performed 259 tests throughout the district and the results are available to the public. Below is a link to each school in the district. If an elevated level was determined, it is highlighted in dark gray and the action taken is noted to the right. Maps of each building are also included with the locations of water sources.

Cascade will continue to test sites as needed to insure the safety of our students, staff, and community members.

What if the level was too high?

The EPA Action level for lead in schools is 20 PPB (Parts Per Billion). According to the test results, the district did have slightly elevated levels at some of our buildings. Depending on the location, Cascade discontinued use of the faucet/fountain, installed new faucets, or posted a non-potable water sign. A new water test will be performed as soon as possible if a repair/replacement was made.

Who do I contact at Cascade if I have questions?

Mr. Joe Lulay is the person in charge of our water testing. He can be reached at 503-749-8010 extension 1806 or [email protected].

What company is used to test the samples?

Water Lab in Salem, Oregon.

Water Lab Website

Online Informational Resources

Below are some links that the public might find helpful. If you believe your child may have been exposed or have health concerns please contact your physician.