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Cascade Driver Education 

Cascade Driver Education will be offering three classes this school year: 

Fall class after school in November-December, an after school class in March-April and the usual Summer Session right after school is out in June (goes into July).  Applications are available here, in the High School Office and in Mr. McBeth's room 5.  We have space for 16-18 students in the Fall & Spring classes and 32 in the Summer.  Driver Ed will impart the best practices of knowledge, attitude and skills for your teen driver to be the best, safest driver they can be.  Other benefits include not having to do the DMV drive test and insurance companies usually lower the premiums a bit for students who complete driver ed.  

Get your application and money in soon to Mr. McBeth as space is beginning to fill up.  Prices for in-district kids is $250/$175 for free/reduced and out-of-district $350/$275 for free/reduced.  Mr. McBeth's email is mmcbeth@cascade.k12.or.us and phone is 503-749-8020 x2005.  


Position 1, on our Board of Directors is open.  The term expires June 30, 2019.  Please see the announcement for further information.  The application is attached if you are interested in applying.  The deadline for applications is Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at 4:00pm.


Parent meeting on Friday, September 15, from 5:00-5:15pm at the boy's junior high practice field.  

Memories to last a lifetime:  Buy a yearbook

This year’s book will be back in the SPRING.  Spring activities, including graduation, may be available online or by using your cell phone over the QR code included in the book. Buy the yearbook at Balfour.com or through the main office. Cost: $50

Senior Portraits: Guidelines

Yearbook Portrait Examples

Due date: Oct. 31st


Vertical, Head and shoulder shot that focuses on the full face of the student

Color or black and white, Avoid Colorized or Blurred photos

No props, hats, animals, or other people

No “message” t-shirts or controversial images (rebel flags, farmers do it in the mud, ski naked, etc.)

No “funny face” photos or hand gestures—our yearbook is not a joke

Modest clothing coverage (no shots that make the students look nude, no images that show cleavage)

Best quality will result from a 4 mega-pixel (300 DPI) digital photo sent directly to elee@cascade.k12.or.us

If you only have a hard copy, have a friend scan it and email it.  You can also go to Postal Connections and they will scan it and email it for about $6.

Cost Concerns?  Consider having a family friend take a series of photos of you.  Just be sure to follow the guidelines above.  Yearbook photographers are available for free on a first come first served basis.  Email Ms. Lee to arrange an appointment.

Congratulate your senior: Buy a senior ad

A student ad lets your senior know how proud you are of their achievements.  Make a statement that will last a lifetime.  You can include school-appropriate photos and messages.  The cost is $50 for a ¼ page ad.  It’s easy to make the ad at Balfour.com and it is available through Spring Break. We would love to have every senior represented!

Baby Pictures for the Senior Slide show:

Please email them to elee@cascade.k12.or.us.  Remember to include the student’s full name.  These are also due Oct. 31st.  The yearbook staff does not accept actual photos—you must scan it and send it by email. These are collected for the senior class; they do not typically go into the yearbook—but, are used at the graduation ceremony.



Please see flyers for the 2017-18 school supply lists:

Secondary Grades 6-12

Aumsville Elementary

Cloverdale Elementary

Turner Elementary


The regularly scheduled Board meeting will be Monday, August 14, 2017.


On June 12, 2017 the Cascade School District Board of Education will be asked to approve the adoption of a K-5 curriculum (Safer, Smarter Kids) to meet the requirements of Senate Bill 856:  Sex Abuse Prevention Instruction.  While Cascade currently has curriculum in place in grades 6-12, we do not have curriculum to address this requirement at the elementary level.

In July of 2015, the Oregon Legislature passed SB 856 which requires schools provide child sexual abuse prevention instruction kindergarten through grade 12. 

The requirements of SB 856 include the following:

  • ·         A minimum of 4 instructional sessions (equal to or greater than a standard class period) of sex abuse prevention instruction per year for grades kindergarten through 12.
  • ·         Sexual abuse instruction is integrated and part of required district comprehensive sexuality education plan and is aligned with state standards.
  • ·         Instruction is age appropriate, medically accurate, and is not shame or fear based.
  • ·         Instruction is culturally inclusive and is responsive to diverse students including race, ethnicity, gender identity and sexual orientation.
  • ·         A parental involvement component to inform parents about child sexual abuse topics.
  • ·         A professional training component for administrators, teachers and other school personnel.
  • ·         An evaluation component with measurable outcomes.
  • ·         Trauma informed instruction and services.

You may view the Safer, Smarter Kids website and sample videos by clicking on the following link:

Safer, Smarter Kids

 If you have any questions about this curriculum, you may contact Dawn Moorefield, Director of Human Resources and Instructional Services at dmoorefield@cascade.k12.or.us.


Two sessions of volleyball camp will be held this summer.  Camp 1 (grades 5-8) will be August 1-3, 2017.  Camp 2 (grades 9-12) will be August 7-10, 2017.  The attached flyer provides more details.  


Monday morning, August 21st,  Cascade Jr./Sr.High will be in direct alignment for fantastic viewing of the Total Solar Eclipse.

Come celebrate this once in a lifetime event at the Cascade Country Solar Fest 2017.

There will be a couple of activities on Sunday night.  A breakfast on Monday morning.  Booths with crafts, food,  eclipse goggles, and t-shirts. There are even a limited number of camping spots for the whole weekend.   Please visit our website for way more information.

Fun for all, but the "starring" event will be the Total Solar Eclipse starting around 9:00a.m. and ending at 11:30a.m.

See you there!



The Cascade Board of Education approved the 2017-18 school calendar.  The calendar is subject to change depending upon inclement weather during the school year.  Here is the link 2017-18 School Calendar or you may access it on the right side of the website page under Calendars.


Each year the district is required to notify the public of our compliance with Division 22 Assurances.  The information contained in this article, the annual report, helps to fulfill the standards for Public Elementary and Secondary Schools as set forth in OAR Chapter 581, Division 22.

Oregon State Report Cards for 2015-16             

Each year the district is responsible for notifying our parents of the grade level given to us by the State of Oregon.  Follow the link to see how your school measures up.

Cascade High School Continues to Excel Academically

In this link, Cascade High School was named in the top 6 schools with similar demographics for excelling at keeping freshmen on track.  The article continues on to highlight the high school dropout rate and quotes Mr. Thatcher, High School Principal, on what he thinks makes our school so great.

Oregon English Language Learner Report

Cascade School District is required to report this information to the public each year.  Please see the link below to review financial information for English language learner programs and the objectives and needs of students eligible for and enrolled in an English language learner program. The report provides information on the demographics of students in English language learner programs in each school district. In addition, this report provides a tool that makes data on English language learners accessible to researchers, media, students, and parents. 

Oregon English Language Learner Report