Work Share Program

Cascade School district is reducing hours by 20% through the end of the contract year, currently effective through July 31, after which, we will further evaluate the necessity of the program in terms of its ability to help CSD minimize the number of required layoffs, and based on staffing needs. Qualifying employees will have their hours and CSD pay reduced by 20% to be eligible for unemployment and federal CARES Act funds through the Oregon Work Share program. The result of a *partial furlough plus access to CARES Act funds ($600/person/week) will mean no net loss of income and have no impact on benefits; in fact, most eligible employees will see an increase in compensation during eligible weeks. This will provide significant and immediate budget relief for the District reducing necessary layoffs throughout the remainder of the fiscal year. This will also protect as many instructional days and staff positions as possible in the 2020-21 school year.

* “Partial furlough” means a 20% reduction in an employee’s scheduled work hours and a 20% reduction in that employee’s CSD compensation. It does not refer to a leave of absence from work, nor is it subject to an employee’s decision about when to use the reduced hours. For exempt employees, an employee will receive a new and reduced fixed schedule, and the employee will continue to receive a fixed, yet proportionally-reduced salary.