Teacher Evaluations

The purpose of the Professional Growth and Evaluation Handbook is to provide a structure for licensed staff to self-reflect on their professional practices and for administrators and licensed staff to engage in conversations to improve teaching practices.

The Cascade School District's evaluation process is based on Charlotte Danielson's 2007 Teaching Framework and identifies those aspects of a teacher's responsibilities that have been documented through empirical studies and theoretical research as promoting improved student learning. Although not the only possible description of practice, these responsibilities seek to define what teachers should know and be able to do in the exercise of their profession.

The Framework for Teaching identifies standards organized into four domains: Planning and Preparation, Instruction, Classroom Environment, and Professional Responsibilities. The rubric breaks down each standard and provides a description of what each standard looks like at each of the four performance levels. This provides a tool for administrators and licensed staff to engage in conversations about professional growth that will improve the quality of instruction for our students. 

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