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Cascade School District English Language Learner Program

Program Goals

  • English Learners will become proficient in English.
  • English Learners will have access to the general education curriculum and be provided with an equal educational opportunity.
  • English Learners will make significant progress towards meeting state and district standards.

The Cascade School District is committed to providing equal educational opportunities to every student.  The English Language Learners (ELL) program is designed to accelerate English acquisition for students whose first language is not English and to further assist them in becoming successful learners in the classroom.

Delivery Model

In the Cascade School District, the classroom teacher has the responsibility for the primary, direct instruction of English Learner eligible students.  However, while there are many opportunities during the course of the day in a language-rich classroom environment for language learning, merely being exposed or engaged in activities in English is not sufficient to assure the development of full academic language proficiency.  Therefore, English Learners in Cascade also receive explicit instruction in language that is differentiated based on their English language proficiency level. This class provides English language development through systemic and explicit instruction of vocabulary, grammar, and syntax.

Elementary Services

In the elementary schools, EL students meet daily in small groups outside of the regular education classroom.  These groups are organized by the student’s English Language levels.  The groups work on English Language Development in listening, speaking, reading, and writing

Middle and High School Services

In our secondary schools, students are enrolled in a regularly scheduled class that meets every day for the entire duration of the class period.  This class replaces one elective in the student’s schedule.  In this class, students work on English Language Development in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.


Contact Information:

Christy Wilkins, Director cwilkins@cascade.k12.or.us 503 749-8059 x5901

Shelly Baughman, Administrative Assistant sbaughman@cascade.k12.or.us  503 749-8050 x5801

Katie Rojas, Junior & Senior High School ELL Teacher krojas@cascade.k12.or.us 503 749-8020 x2506

Rebecca Kuluris, Turner Elementary ELL Teacher rkuluris@cascade.k12.or.us 503-749-8060 x6024

Carlos (Tony) Pasillas. Aumsville Elementary ELL Teacher cpasillas@cascade.k12.or.us 503 749-8040 x4308


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